I’m a nursing geek. I like to write about best practice, leadership, the nursing issues of the day and I fucking love mental health. Don’t worry if you’re not a MH Ninja though, I’m covering stuff that effects all nurses, but also you never know you might learn something! I learn a tonne from reading physical health focused things even though thats not my bag so much. My patients have bodies as well as brains so it’s all for one and one for all.


Weirdly I love reading best practice guidance and indulging myself in books about pharmacology and I do “take the red pill” every now and again and read some anti psychiatry stuff, although finding good quality things is a problem.

Just to be clear, I was trained in the NHS but don’t work in it. I work in the Charitable sector, as more and more MH health beds become part of the private and charitable sector it throws up it’s own questions, however working together to look after patients from all walks of life referred to us via CCGs means we are all in  this together.  For a lot of reasons I don’t work for the NHS. One the pay stinks, and yes this is a vocation but equally loving my job doesn’t keep a roof over my head and football boots on my ever growing ronaldo wannabes childs feet. I already had to move from my native home to somewhere cheaper cause I couldn’t afford to live there.

The NHS should be saved and people should be properly paid but just like any job out there I’m gonna vote with my feet cause I don’t like what the powers that run it i.e the government, think of their workforce or how they treat them. Also there isn’t a massive amount of mobility in the NHS right now in this area. I have not always been ambitious but Nursing lit a fire under me, I want to make a difference across more than a few key patients, I want to shape services and improve care, it’s my jam.


So I’m a hands on Lead Nurse, leading my wonderful team and the service through all it’s trials and tribulations. Obviously I’m not going to talk about work here, way to personal, but the challenges we face may well open up room for an article or two. I want to know that my team and I give outstanding care (and one day hope the CQC notice) so I am trying my best to understand what that looks like and how we can achieve it.

I’m gonna talk about all kinds of nursing stuff on here, I’ll explain research, look at best practice and put up stuff you might wanna use, I might ask for a little donation to keep me going, web hosting costs money y’all. I might use affiliate links too, you wont pay any more but I’ll get a little kick back from amazon.